25 Familiar Things Every Student Did Just A Day Before Exams

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10:00 am 24 Sep, 2015

So, do you panic during exams? Getting nervous and panicking is one of those memorable moments from schooldays, which we remember fondly. We never believed in the hard work we put in while studying. Here we mention some common things which every student does just a day before exam.

1. When it was time to sleep, you suddenly wanted some questions answered.

2. You worried about that incomplete portion you did not learn.

3. Secretly tried to call all your friends and know how far they had studied.

4. ‘Aaj night maarunga’ theory starts a few days before the exam starts.

5. You were confused about whether to complete the books now and then study or simply study?

6. You wished some miracle would take place in the morning.

7. When there was breaking news you always wanted it to happen on a national or state level, dreaming about exam being cancelled.

8. You ran to your friend’s home a day before to take notes and xerox them.

9. You assured yourself about having studied most of the questions.

10. You counted the total marks based on objective type of questions.

11. Sometimes you inquired whether the lower grade students were your partners for the exam.

12. Sometimes you depended on a friend to copy and would fret if he was dependent on you too.


13. You soaked some baadam overnight and ate them in morning, which you probably thought would boost your brain.

14. You purchased a marker, so that it would help to highlight the answer and make you memorize perfectly.

15. You didn’t want family members to disturb you, even though you were just turning the pages.

16. ‘Kal konse sir aayenge class main?’ becomes the batch question to be answered.

17. You tried hard to figure out the question paper for tomorrow.

18. You faced all type of physical and mental pressure just a day before exam.

19. You tried to call your tuition sir or madam, as they had answers to all your queries.

20. You kept checking everyone’s status which showed – online means ho gayi padhi and offline meant padh raha hoga.

21. You kept day dreaming about that moment when you would finish studying.

22. Finally, you thought of the things you’d do just after exam.

23. This was the time when you ran around for a perfect pen, pencil, rubber, scale and so on.

24. Your parent watched you like a hawk just a day before exam.

25. Hoping that this time God heard the most sincere prayer from you.


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