10 Things That Can Be Found On Any Student’s Desk

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10:00 am 24 May, 2015

With all the pressure of studies on their shoulders, students tend to have a messy desk. But there are a few things that are common to all these chaotic desks.

1. A pen stand

Mostly dusty and full of old, broken pens, a pen/pencil stand can always be found in a corner of the table. They hold a bunch of pens that were bought along with the stand and were never used. The stand itself was a result of a lecture from your dad that managed to inspire you to study hard, but whose effect was not very long lasting. However, the pen stand managed to secure a place in a dusty corner and comes in handy whenever something inspires you towards studies.


Student's desk

2. Table lamp

Another result of an awe inspiring lecture, a table lamp manages the corner adjacent to the one occupied by the pen stand. It continues to surprise you with its ability to glow even after not being used for years.


Student's desk

3. Books

A heavy load of books from various publishers on various subjects, these books are opened on the night before the exam day. They have a dusty exterior but a surprisingly clean interior. But unfortunately they are replaced every year by a new, heavier pile.


4. That one copy

It has physics notes as well as class timetables, from mathematical formulas to funny doodles, it has everything. This copy accompanies you to your school/college and is your priced possession.


Student's desk

5. Pen

In spite of having a bunch of pens in the pen stand, this one pen manages to have its own unique identity. This, most probably borrowed pen, compliments “That one copy” and always has a lost or a broken cap.


Student's desk

6. Wires

This cluster of wires has wires from your chargers to your lamp. How to disentangle them is the biggest mystery after the Bermuda Triangle.


7. Stapler/paper pins

They are seldom used but are always present. They remind you of their presence by hiding in stealth mode and attacking your fingers.


8. Plate/Bottle/Bowl

A bowl in which you had Maggi a few weeks back can still be found on your desk.


Student's desk

9. Calculator

They too are used occasionally. But when needed, they can always be found on the higgledy-piggledy desk.


10. That little space

You can always find a little space on the desk, where all the real business is conducted. From studying to copying assignments, everything is carried out on this little space.


Student's desk


So how many of them do you have on your desk?


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