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10 Things That Are Legal Now But Might Be Illegal In Near Future Around The World

Published on 18 November, 2017 at 10:00 am By

In a world of ever changing problems, laws are being constantly modified, introduced and removed so as to be relevant to the present issues and make the world a better place.


Keeping that in mind, one should not be surprised if after a few years people are being convicted for things that are completely legal in the present context because everything that is legal now might not be legal in the days to come. Such thing has happened before and this would happen again.

Here are 10 things that are legal now but might become illegal in the near future.

1. Flying drones.

As drones are becoming popular and more advanced with each passing day, it has also started invading the privacy of others as people are using it for taking pictures and recording videos without the consent of others.

Though it is legal in almost all countries for now, flying personalized drones might not be allowed in the near future and might be completely banned.


2. Surfing internet anonymously.

Anonymous surfing of internet without letting anyone track your identity i.e. your IP address might be completely abolished in future.


One of the prime reasons for the ban would be to catch people indulged in illegal activities in the dark web. Dark web is that part of internet which is not indexed by search engines and it is here that illegal activities like supplying of drugs, illegal weapon, child porn etc. are a menace.

Although surfing of dark web is not illegal now, but if your identity is revealed and you are caught in something improper, you might end up in big troubles.


3. Child beauty pageants.

Child beauty pageants are beauty competitions for girls up to 16 years of age held in various countries around the world. The competitions are held in various categories that require children to wear heavy makeup besides others to make a good impression and subtly take a heavy toll on their mental health.

This was started almost a century ago and has become quite popular. But the idea of competing children based on their physical beauty is morally debatable and might trigger inferiority complex early in their lives. Many a time after the girls lose in the competitions they suffer from severe depressions.

Voices against such competitions have continued to rise and with a little more effort, the pageants might be banned completely.


4. Driving.

Yes! Driving could be banned in near future. There is a race going on among car manufacturers to develop self-driving cars and humans are briskly advancing towards a time when self-driving cars would be the norm.

Once driverless cars become perfect for daily usage, traditional driving might be banned to avoid accidents and confusions as humans depend on their senses to drive a car and cannot be perfect all the time, while autonomous vehicles will do it without any error every single time.

This might become a reality sooner than we can expect.


5. Cigarette industry.

With increasing awareness among people about the effect of smoking cigarette, it would be difficult for the governments of future to keep allowing cigarette companies continue to function.

With more and more people vouching against the product which is one of the major causes for cancer among humans and the knowledge of passive smoking being more dangerous than active smoking become common, it would be firstly banned in public places completely, which is already happening and then would be made illegal.


6. Cryptocurrencies.

The biggest hype in the recent years is the rise of cryptocurrencies. Tens of cryptocurrencies have been launched in last few years and people are also crazy for them anticipating huge profits in the near future when economies would be decided by such currencies.

One of the prime reasons for the emergence, or for the matter popularity of the currencies is the fact that they are beyond the regulations of the government and since the people who are using cryptocurrencies are few in number, it is legal, but once the number increases and governments realize their limitations on regulating the currencies, they would be banned and possibly a new form of digital currency might evolve that governments would be able to regulate.


7. Porn Industry.

This has been a debated topic over the years whether or not porn sites should be banned. While some argue against the ban saying people are making money out of it and those who don’t like the content don’t watch them, others argue that pornography is just decorated prostitution, sometimes forced, and should be banned completely.

Many countries have tried to ban them in the past but due to various reasons, uplifted the ban eventually. We might expect a permanent ban on the porn sites though in the near future. A nightmare for the singles it would be.


8. Leaving trash in orbit.

In the last 60 years of space travels, humans have left enormous amount of debris and trash in the space. As per 2013 data, it is estimated that there are about 170 millions smaller than 1 cm, 670 thousands debris between 1 cm to 10 cm and 29 thousands debris larger than 10 cm are orbiting the Earth at the speed of thousands of miles per hour in the space.

These pieces of trash have already started causing troubles and with time, it is only going to increase. The operation of clearing space junk is quite complex and not feasible.

An immediate way to not let any more junk enter the orbit would be banning leaving trash in the orbit and it might happen soon.


9. Corporations harvesting mass data on you without your consent.

Invasion of people’s privacy by internet companies by tracking their search queries and stealing information about them without their knowledge is not a new thing, but the problem is, not many are aware of it or really care about it.

Thankfully, as internet is reaching the corners of the Earth, people are becoming more informed about the threat and about internet giants like Google stealing their information to make money.

And with more opposition to the practice in the future, there is a possibility that the firms might be banned to harvest mass data without the internet users’ consent.


10. Not vaccinating children.

Governments around the world have been taking every measure to get every child vaccinated and protect them from fatal diseases. However, there are some people who have a completely contradicting view on vaccination and see it as a threat to their children and avoid vaccinating them.

Vaccination presently is largely voluntary, but if the views of those parents don’t change, governments might come up with laws making vaccination legally mandatory to control the diseases regardless of what parents might think and convict those who don’t adhere to the law.




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