15 Things Writers Who Churn Out Viral Listicles Will Understand

Updated on 10 Jul, 2016 at 9:32 am


We all share, like and comment on the best viral listicles that totally explain our lives. Some of the articles seem like you yourself have written them as you can’t relate more! Writers who write such viral listicles make sure they are as relatable as possible. If you are one of them, here are 15 things you will totally relate to.

1. There are times when you don’t understand the topic itself.


2. Even if you don’t relate to the article, you have to make sure others do.


3. Finding the most suitable GIFs or images for your points at times is a total pain in the ass.


4. Being witty and good with one-liners is totally your thing now!


5. You have detailed information about all the restaurants, pubs and clubs in your city even if you haven’t been there.


6. You even know what’s the best thing to try out at a restaurant you have never been to!


7. You know all the honeymoon and romantic destinations, monsoon and weekend getaways and the best places to visit.

Even though you have been to none of these places you know almost everything about it.


8. You have knowledge about the most random things in the world, like for instance, what girls who like pink (the color) go through.


9. Your imagination and understanding power is higher than the normal range by now as that is what you do to write every single listicle.


Practice makes a man perfect!


10. You also have knowledge about (awkward) things you probably haven’t ever tried out in life like, reasons why shower sex is a bad idea or why masturbation is good for health!


11. Your friends come to your rescue when you can’t relate to the topic.

They are your best source of information.


12. At times it’s frustrating when you can’t find enough points to achieve your target in a listicle.


13. You can now come up with crisp and catchy headlines within seconds!


14. You can now probably write a thesis about your city and the nearby places.


15. Tumblr and Google are your best friends forever!