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Post 377 Verdict, This Is How Homophobes Might Stereotype The LGBT Community!

Published on 7 September, 2018 at 3:53 pm By

People belonging to the LGBT community are often ridiculed and misunderstood because of their sexual preferences. I mean think about it Y’all! To live in constant suppression. To be questioned because of who you are or wish to be. Being threatened just because “others” don’t understand. I think that indeed, people have been cruel to the members belonging to the LGBT community. Many proudly label them as  “faggot” or “sissy”. My message to all such people is, grow up! Since gay sex is no longer illegal in India, I must say that there are things LGBT People might get asked.

September 6, 2018, has been a monumental day in the history of LGBT community. You know right! Finally, after fighting for ages, things have changed! Delivering a spot on judgement, the Supreme Court of India has “decriminalized gay sex!”




Take a look at some 0f the things which LGBT people might get asked:


1. “Are you sure it’s normal?”



Seriously now?! What’s the definition of normal? What may seem different to you might just seem alright to the others. This is a common question asked by a lot of homophobes!



2. “How does it feel like, to be gay!”



WTF does someone mean by “How does it feel like?!” Obviously, for the one who’s gay, it feels awesome! And just so you know, who gives someone the audacity to subjugate the other one, just because he/she has different preferences?


3. “Do you want to end up alone?”



When homophobes or haters don’t have anything to ask, all they say is this! I mean, it’s not so hard to find LGBT peeps these days, three cheers to the digital space!


4. “Your parents must be very sad right?”



I can understand that coming out of the closet can be a challenge for many, but I think that with perseverance, anything is possible. Parents are parents, they’ll love you and accept you no matter what! So, if anyone says anything like that, just say ‘bi**h please, and move on!


5. “Are you the “man” in your relationship?”



A common question faced by any lesbian! What is it with people, what do they mean by the “man” in the relationship? Every relationship works on mutualism. And what are the factors through which you decide that who’s the “man” in the relationship?


6.  “How do you do “it”?”



Lord have mercy! Can you think people actually have the guts to ask such questions, that too in the name of curiosity!


7. “Don’t you lack femininity?”



A lot of transgenders are discriminated and pushed in the corners when people ask such questions. I mean who governs the norms of being feminine? Absolutely ridiculous!


8. “Don’t you think Bi people are the universal cheaters?!”



No! They are not! They may have a preference for both the genders, but that doesn’t prove that they will be promiscuous and universal cheaters. It’s just a stereotypical thinking by the mighty heterosexuals (pun intended!)


9. “How come you are masculine and gay?”



To all the intelligent people out there. Read between the lines, it doesn’t matter if you are masculine or feminine or even skinny. In fact, to be from the LGBT community,  your body type doesn’t matter at all.


10. “Don’t you think you should see a therapist?”



Last but not the least, the worst possible question! People who think that homosexuals, lesbians, gays and transgenders need to see a therapist, please! Just stop it already. It’s a choice, not a mental state!

Yesterday’s verdict was a clear defeat! A defeat on the face of the people who have been discriminating people on the basis of their sexual orientation! Let’s welcome this change. Let’s be a part of modern India. Let’s forget about hatred for once! A message to all the LGBT peeps reading this:



“Don’t let them confine you

within sentences,

for you are a muse

with a rhythm

of your own.”

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