4 Everyday Things That People Claimed To Be Invented By The Devil

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Updated on 22 Mar, 2018 at 8:38 pm


Though Abrahamic religions differ very fundamentally from each other, if there is something that almost all of them agree upon is the existence of Satan. Satan is the evil force who is believed to influence the world in order to misguide people from following the way that God wants by using different tactics and this way he increases the number of souls that would eventually be thrown into the hellfire on the Day of Judgment.

According to Christianity, Satan is not the king of hell as movies and cartoons often try to portray him, but hell was created to punish Satan and he is busy in the earth to include as many people in his team by influencing them to do evil and every person that joins his team would be cast into hell eventually.

So how does he inspire people to follow him? According to religious texts, he largely does it by tempting the minds of people to do wrong things. But sometimes people, especially overtly religious ones, go beyond the conventional teachings about Satan and even associate physical things as his inventions to distract people.

Here are 4 everyday things that people have claimed to be the inventions of Satan, which, of course not everyone agreed to.

1. Musical instruments


A section of followers of Islam believe that musical instruments were invented by Satan after he got jealous of the melodious voice of Da’ud or David, an ancient King of Israel. Music, therefore, many times fall into controversies as a good section of Muslims consider any form of music as ‘haram’ and a distraction from worshipping and following Allah and Satan uses it effectively. It is because of this reason that the Taliban had banned all forms of music in Afghanistan. Not all Muslims, however, follow this belief.

In Christianity too, Satan and music is closely associated though almost all dominations of Christians use music to worship God and it is seen very positively. In the book of Ezekiel of Bible, Satan was described as the chief of musicians in heaven before he rebelled against God and was cast out.


2. The Telephone.

Today, mobiles have become more of a necessity than a luxury and people cannot fathom how even a day can be spent without phones. But telephone had only appeared in the scene less than 150 years ago and before that people had been living conveniently without the need of instant communications.

So when during the 1880s telephone was becoming a craze in Sweden, many people were scared by the technology that voice could be transmitted over wires from one place to another and this led to the speculation that telephone was the work of Satan or Devil and the wires attracted evil spirits. As a result, in many places the wires and posts were sabotaged. Even a group of priests went to the then Emperor to stop the installations of satanic telephone, which of course only irritated the Emperor.


3. The Cross.

The adherents of Church of Great God, Charlotte, US believes that the most recognizable symbol of Christian faith –the Cross, was an invention of Satan and has nothing to do with Jesus and Christianity. They say that the Cross resembles the letter ‘T’ of English alphabets which also was the symbol of an ancient pagan god of Babylonia Tammuz and thus Satan has cleverly tricked the Christians to worship something else or rather him instead of God.

They claim that nowhere in the Bible was the Cross explicitly described and Christians only started associating the symbol with the faith after Emperor Constantine in 312 AD had a vision of the Cross in his dream after which he declared Christianity the official religion of his kingdom. The believers of the church claim that the vision had actually come from Satan and he has thus tricked everyone to have a wrong depiction of God.


4. Football.

Nigerian evangelist Evang Fumilayo Adebayo for years now have been proclaiming that the sport of football which is also known as soccer was the invention of Satan so as to unite people regardless of caste, creed, nationality, ethnicity, religion etc. eventually against God and say that everyone who loves football is possessed by the demon of football.

According to her, God had scattered the people all over the Earth after confusing their language during the construction of the Tower of Babel and Satan is uniting them again as football seems to be having the utmost influence on everyone and this way the devil is advancing towards the formation of a one-world government and paving way for the rise of the antichrist.