10 Wrong Things Indians Should Stop Glamorizing Right Now

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10:00 am 20 Dec, 2017


Like every other country, there are many things in India that is going wrong. But what makes the situations worse is instead of making attempts to solve those problems, Indians are glamorizing them. Though this is a list that can go on, here are 10 of the most important things that Indians should stop glamorizing right now.

1. War against Pakistan or China.

In the recent times there have been quite some moments when Indians lost their minds because of fair reasons and screamed for war. But what people fail to understand is the fact that war is the worst thing they are demanding for themselves and more importantly for the soldiers. The army is already living under severe conditions, both physically and mentally, and war is one of the most traumatic experiences a person can have, let alone being in the frontline.


2. Stalking women in movies.


No, people should not be clapping their hands, whistling and sympathizing with stalkers in movies no matter how handsome the stalkers are. And filmmakers should be careful in portraying such characters in their movies that normalize and even glamorize stalking. We already have a huge problem of women safety in the country.


3. Worshiping politicians and celebrities.

Indians need to realize that politicians and actors are humans too and shouldn’t be made equal to God. Making a temple of a celebrity or politician or bathing a poster or statue of the same with milk doesn’t reflect love but stupidity. Indians can even kill each other for finding faults with the idols of each other and politicians especially exploit this behavior of people. There is no need to surround a celebrity whenever you find one. Live your life and let them have some privacy too. Enjoy their work and leave it there.


4. Glorifying fair skin tone.

To most Indians, fair skin tone is the standard for being beautiful and people would go to any extent to get a fairer skin tone forgetting the fact that India is not a cold country. The obsession over having fair skin has got into the minds of Indians so deep that the commercials which literally portray people with dark skin as ugly don’t offend anyone. For a country like India where people get offended at everything, this only shows how much wrong we are. The movies are no better. One can easily find the word ‘gori’, which means ‘a fair skinned girl’ in the songs mentioned several times.


5. Marriages and having children.

Comparing to olden days in which child marriages were rampant, Indians are comparatively doing significantly better, but still, people need to calm down about the urgency of getting married and having children as soon as possible. More than the youths, it is the older generation that seems impatient to see their children getting married and start breeding for strange reasons. This doesn’t allow the young people to explore their potentials or even dream something. Before they know anything, they have a family to take care of. Everything else becomes secondary.


6. The ‘golden past’.

True, Indians contributed much to the world but that was years, decades, centuries and even millennia ago. Everyone knows India invented ‘zero’, but playing the card of the golden past of India every time only betrays the country’s present shortcomings and possibly insecurities. Despite of being the second largest population in the world, India could only manage to win five Nobel prizes, the first being in the year 1913, 35 years before the tiny nation of Israel could come into existence, which has won till now 12 Nobel prizes though it is one of the most oppressed countries in the world.


7. The resilience of people after tragedies.

There is nothing glorifiable when a city or a place tries to go back to normalcy after a tragedy. People have no choice and if it depicts anything is the fact that how fragile and unplanned our cities are to natural calamities. The ‘Mumbai spirit’ or phrases like these used by media mean nothing positive. The same goes with chaos of the cities and cows and Mercedes on the same road.


8. Prioritizing actors over stories.

It is mindboggling how in India an actor and not a story decides how good a movie is going to do in the box office. There are numerous examples when a poor story went on to become one of the most successful movies just because there was a particular actor in the movie. Similarly, movies with great stories, great actors but not popular actors did poorly many a times. Glamorizing actors and not stories and writers is doing much harm than good to the growth of the industry.


9. The opinions of the white people.

Indians tend to have an unhealthy obsession on what Americans and Europeans say and take in whatever they say as truths. Inferiority complex might sound like a degrading term to use here, but what Indians are experiencing is exactly what inferiority complex is. Indians need to understand that they might be absolutely wrong in their assessments and opinions.


10. Big fat weddings.

Indians literally spend their lifetime savings on weddings, just so that they can impress others or so that no one can say there has been lack of something in the wedding while it could be completed in a fraction of that amount and the rest of the money could be used for better futures of the marrying couples. Forget about savings, people sell lands and houses and take loans that they would spend their lifetime to payback for the sake of one grand wedding.




Yes, these all need to be stopped glamorizing immediately.

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