10 Things Indian Youths Are Doing Wrong And Ruining Not Just Their Lives But The Country As Well

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10:00 am 21 May, 2018


India is a massive country of young people. It is estimated that more than half of the country’s population has an average age of below 25 years. It is the youngest country in the world. While this is seen as a big resource for India, there also lies the challenge to properly channelize this immense human resource as many things can go wrong and many things are indeed going wrong.

Here are 10 of the many things that Indian youths are doing wrong and are ruining not just their lives but also the country.

1. Inability to handle failures.

Blame it on the overly ambitious parents or the social order in total, but Indian youths just cannot handle failures and waste too much time on regretting about the mistakes they make as if there is no tomorrow when future is full of opportunities and mistakes are inevitable. The gravity of the situation can be understood by the very fact that India has officially the highest suicide rate among youths in the world.



2. Taking physical health for granted.

They take their physical health for granted and don’t realize that their state is not permanent and things are going to change drastically when they hit 30 until they get into the routine of exercising and be careful about their eating habit.


3. Their votes are based on propaganda.

Indian youths very easily fall into the traps of political propaganda and one of their biggest responsibilities, i.e. to vote in elections, are often heavily influenced by what they have seen on social media platforms. Even if that is not the cause, many a time their choice of voting depends on what they are being told by their parents.


4. They give more preference to parties than candidates.

When it comes to voting, it is also observed that the Indian youths are more inclined towards political parties while choosing a representative when they should be more concerned about the credibility of the local candidates irrespective of their political allegiances. And they often end up voting a wrong candidate. This phenomenon, however, is not only limited to youths.


5. They hurry into romantic relationships.

Youths in India are so much in hurry to get into romantic relationships that they don’t have the time to think about the added responsibilities that this carries. On the top of that, they end up making it their utmost priority in the most important phase of their lives, i.e. to build a career, and in the long run ruins everything.


6. Following the herd mentality.

Following the crowd, the mentality has crept into the minds of the youths so dangerously that they even make decisions that have the potential to shape their entire lives based on what the others are doing. For instance, many a time, they just get into a particular college to take a course just because their friends are also doing this when they should be very choosy about these because of their huge impacts.


7. Utter lack of patience.

In an era of instant gratification, thanks to the internet, youths are becoming more and more impatient. They have dreams and they want to make it big, but they just don’t have the patience to diligently work towards achieving the dreams and often abandon them midway just because they don’t have the patience to carry on.


8. They give too much importance to celebrities.

While liking a celebrity isn’t a wrong thing, Indian youths but just give too much importance to the celebrities even to the extent of worshipping them and trying to copy their unrealistic lifestyles, which in the long run isn’t healthy both for their psychological perception of life as well as finances. It is also not at all rare to witness them fighting over celebrities when for the celebrities, they don’t even exist.


9. A generation of social media addicts.

Social media addiction is a real thing and a huge number of Indian youths are addicted to it. Studies even confirmed that the addiction can be as severe, if not worse, as substance abuse. Researchers at the University of Chicago even suggested that the addiction, which has no stigma attached to it presently, is disrupting even psychological health and connection with the real world. And unlike other forms of addiction where there’s a monetary cost, this addiction is free or costs very little.


10. Getting into live-in relationships without much thought.

Being in a live-in relationship is still much of a taboo in India, but it is becoming fast a norm, especially in the big cities. But this phase of being somewhere between a taboo and a new normal makes live-in relationships a very risky decision in the Indian context which should be explored very carefully. But Indian youths, under the influence of western lifestyle, tend to rush into this in impulse and thereby ruin many prospects in life. The case is even more severe for girls.



What else, as per your understanding?

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