11 Things Independent Women Experience While Dating Someone

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5:01 pm 6 Oct, 2015

You are the woman of 21st century, who lives life on her own terms and conditions. Your ambitions and goals are as important as those of men. These points explain how it feels to be independent and balancing your relationship along with it.

Men can read 10 Traits A Man Should Have If He Wants To Date An Independent Woman if your lady love is independent. Trust me, it will help you.

1. Balancing relationship with independent space is hard.

Oh, what an art it is! Well this is tough but obviously not impossible. You manage to spend time with him and also work hard to maintain your own life. People generally ask you how you do this.


2. You enjoy solo trips and don’t need your significant other.

Yes, you love it when they are around but you want to discover places on your own too.


3. It took a lot of time for you to open up and let them enter in your life.

You took time to adjust and let them be involved in your space. Though you managed to keep a small part as your personal space even after getting along with someone.


4. You didn’t ditch the people you were with after getting into a relationship.

You enjoy the best of both worlds. One with them and one without them. Not easy but yes you manage both. You don’t simply forget the people who were once a part of your life.


5. You aren’t a changed person after leaving your single-hood.

You enjoyed being single, you weren’t desperately waiting for someone to come and make your life worth living. You have lived your life on your own terms and that’s what you like about it. Hence, you follow the same mantra.


6. You weren’t that quick to get into a relationship.

You took time saying ‘Yes’ to the love of your life and now he understands to whom he is committed. Balancing your love for that person as well as for your life is not that difficult now.


7. You fight back and don’t take any shit!

You are particular about your self respect. You don’t take that lightly and you are straight forward with your point of view. You partner feels lucky when he is not at the receiving end of it.


8. You have a life of your own.

You stay away from your partner for long periods. People get surprised to see you alone for that long. But you know that you both love each other very much and respect each other’s space and work.


9. You are not dependent on your significant other.

You have a job, you feel self sufficient and that’s the best thing you find in yourself. Whether it is money, household chores or responsibilities, you both split everything. There is no ‘man thing’ or ‘woman thing’ between you both. Neither of you wants to feel indebted to the other.


10. You maintain equality in your relation.

You two come together equally and with complete respect for each other. Neither tries to control or impose things. You both understand that you can manage your lives with and without each other.


11. Your fear of becoming dependent stops you from getting close to him.

You are terrified of becoming dependent and needing someone. The constant dichotomy of being known and loved versus being exposed and weak can sometimes keep you from getting close to them.


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