18 Sweet Small Things Guys Do That Girls Really Love

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12:00 pm 20 Feb, 2016

There is a preconceived notion that girls have nothing good to say about guys and that we consider them liars, con artists, obnoxious, and much worse — you get the point. However, for a moment can we forget the stereotypes and try and appreciate some of the better qualities that all of us love and like in our guys.


1. Be it a joke, a silly story or a funny tale, we love it when guys make us laugh.

A need to be pampered is natural for us and some guy who livens up the moment and the day to make us laugh is always great company.


2. An honest opinion over a sugar-coated distortion of reality is always appreciated.

Depending on your guy for a frank and honest opinion is something that we value a lot. Fakes are bound to be dropped sooner or later.


3. Offering your jacket to keep us snug makes us feel cared for.

Security and feeling cared for is very reassuring. In freezing weather, it may be crazy of him to take off his jacket and wrap it around a girl, but for us, the warmth expressed leaves an enduring impression.


4. When he sits patiently and nods randomly about things we discuss that he does not care about at all.

Thank you for listening to the things you are not interested in at all…and don’t leave midway through.


5. We like the way you try and explain a sport you love.

Sometimes the macho men are of more interest to us than his game but it’s because of you that we try and make some sense of the sport that you love to watch on television.


6. We love when guys sit through our loud conversation with friends patiently without getting annoyed.

And, if you actually do participate and become one among us, you are just awesome.


7. We admire the meaningful discussion that you hold with our fathers and take an interest in things he likes.

Bravo, for keeping that smile on his face throughout the whole conversation.


8. Whether you be a boyfriend or just a guy friend, we like you for appreciating us as we are.

Thank you dudes, for giving us a break.


9. It’s cute when guys go shopping with us and even help out.

It feels so special!


10. Girls empathize when guys admit that they actually enjoyed a chick flick.

It feels good to know that guys too are sentimental and get emotional while watching rom-com movies.


11. Girls truly appreciate guys for helping out during an emergency.

It’s so assuring to have your guy around when you need one most to overcome an emergency situation.


12. Girls do freak out about small things easily, but the carefree guy who does not get stressed out easily is just awesome.

Thanks, again…we love you!


13. Being a gentlemen by holding the door for us makes you special.

Its no small gesture but a privilege we just adore.


14. Sweet, small compliments do make our friends jealous.

Did we ever tell you how adorable we are?


15. We feel special when you pick us over your friends.

We know how much your friends mean to you, but, when you willingly ditch them for us, we just can’t help feeling wonderful.


16. We are thankful you have us look at the brighter side in any hopeless situation.

Guys just seem to know how to keep the uplifting state of mind alive.


17. It’s you that keeps our craziness alive.

We simply love your support in doing something new and crazy.


18. We love being cared for and knowing that you are always there when we need you the most.

Be it a shoulder to weep on, a secret to share, a joke to laugh out together or by the bedside when ill, you being around makes life all worth it.


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