11 Things That Good People Do To Help Others Which Aren’t As Helpful As They Think

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10:00 am 19 Dec, 2017


In an era of regularly telecasted hate and dismal news, coming across stories of love and helping each other is a rare thing and most often when such stories of optimism are seen, they are mostly after a disaster or acts of terrorism. But this goes on to prove that good people are always there, ready to help.

However, sometimes good people can be annoying or even end up doing more harm than good in their mission of making a difference. Here are 11 instances when well-meaning people do things to help others which are not as helpful as they might think.

1. Donating physical items instead of money to disaster survivors.

Storing, transporting and handling physical items like clothes involve a lot of money and manpower. If you are really intending to help, you should be donating money, but to a reputed organization.



2. Giving out medical advises to people who are seriously ill because they read something similar on internet.

No, sitting facing the sun and chanting some words isn’t going to cure anyone’s diabetes.


3. Giving detailed directions to a place instead of giving a landmark or address.

“Go straight, take the second right turn, find this particular shop, take the ally opposite to it, and divide the red sea…” No, you are confusing people and wasting their time though you are trying hard to help.


4. Asking continuously if someone needs something even though he/she had refused it plenty of times.

“You should try it.” “Are you sure you don’t want it?” “Have a little at least.”


5. Organizing others’ rooms or tables when they are away so as to give them a nice surprise.

It might have been appearing messy, but they knew what was where. Now, where is the TV?


6. Feeding animals when there are clear directions written that they shouldn’t be fed.

There is a reason for having that board. Some foods can be poisonous to the animals. They are not trying to starve the animals.


7. Constantly checking up on someone to see if he is okay even when he said he needs space.

You are not helping, mate. You are just worsening his condition. Leave him alone and he would be better sooner.


8. Advising others, in order to make them feel better, to not complain because others have it worse.

So, she shouldn’t cry though her dog died because someone has lost a person in their family? Makes perfect sense.


9. Holding door for someone far away from the door.

Stop, you are making others nervous and now they need to hurry up because of the unnecessary pressure.


10. Volunteering for a campaign with not much consideration or analysis.

You are volunteering in a movement for annihilation of a particular political party so as to strengthen the democracy of the country because the good of the country can only happen when there is no strong political rival? Nice plan.


11. Helping others, but then reminding them of it again and again.




True, such acts are not as helpful or beneficial as they think they are.

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