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10 Things Only Girls Who Live Alone Will Understand

Published on 23 January, 2015 at 10:00 am By

Listen up ladies! There are many of you reading this who already live alone, and some of you who probably still live at home, hoping to one day break free from the tyranny of your parent’s home (they do mean well, but hey, they keep stopping you from going to all these super awesome parties and occasionally put a stop to your budding love life. Why won’t they just let you grow up!!!)  So here we present a list of things which young girls living alone go through. Buckle up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

1. Household staff


The very first thing you realize when you start living alone is that you actually need help around the house. Since mummy isn’t around to ensure that your clothes are clean or that you have food to eat (we know you would starve out there on their own), you find the next best thing — a maid. She’s going to be either your saving grace, or your worst nightmare. There is no denying that you won’t be able to run a functional household without one.


2. Crazy roommates

If you’re the kind who cannot venture out alone and opted for a roommate situation, well, we hope to god that she isn’t the crazy type. Being stuck with a roommate from hell, who leaves dirty dishes in the sink till there’s fauna growing over it, who leaves laundry lying all over the place, who eats all the food that was VERY clearly demarcated as yours, is without a doubt the worst pitfall of living alone. Your only option is to move out and pray that your next roommate isn’t totally insane!

Crazy roommate

3. Burnt cooking

Despite having found a maid, you occasionally find the need to cook your own food. It may be simply to impress your boyfriend with your currently non-existent culinary skills but whatever the reason, you’ll eventually be glad that you pick up this talent. Even if it is only to ensure that you actually don’t starve to death in your own kitchen to be eaten by your cats.

Culinary skills

4. The tragic cycle of money


Yes, you’re living alone. Maybe you’re still in college and are getting some pocket money from your parents or you’re working and are proud to not be dependent on anyone. Either way, the vicious cycle of life ensures that you get money, and then feel like you’ve lost it immediately! It’s called paying bills! The electricity bill (you promise to watch less TV next month), water bill (fewer showers, you muse), fuel bill (maybe I can finally get skinny because I can’t afford to cook anymore), the maids, the groceries and toiletries. The list is seemingly endless.


5. Landlords- those scum!

Ah, we have reached the inevitable — landlords. You may actually be one of the few lucky ones whose landlord is affable and almost non-existent in your life. But woes betide you if he/she happens to have been spit up from the blackest corners of hell. Landlords are one of the trickiest parts of living alone. End up with a bad one, and you’ll probably be woken up at the crack of dawn every day with a voice shrieking epithets at you ruining the rest of your day.

Rude landlord

6. The unreachable corners of the house

As a girl/woman, some of us tend to be on the slightly wee side in our statures (I am a proud 5 foot tall). I may be short and proud, but holy hell! This makes reaching cabinets that are even 4 inches taller than me excruciatingly hard. Trying to get a suitcase out of a storage unit that feels like its 6 feet tall makes you feel like your parents gave birth to a hobbit (no big, hairy feet though!). However, on the positive side, you could probably ask your cute neighbor to reach these for you and then ask him out for a cuppa.

Storage unit

7. Partaaaaay!

Oh yeah. Finally living alone opens the doors to throwing a lot of parties. The headiness of the initial freedom of finally having a living space entirely without parental supervision is so intoxicating; you will most likely throw umpteen numbers of parties every week! You will be the resident queen bee of your social circle with all the lovely soirees you throw. But beware the next day clean up and noise complaints from the neighbours.

Resident queen bee

8. Lifestyle

If you’ve never actually lived anywhere outside of your parents place, how will you ever realize that you actually wouldn’t want to own a dining table which is supported by a wooden dolphin? Or chairs that would be completely at place if the bride and groom were sitting on it at their wedding. Relax, I’m not making fun of your parents gaudy furniture (I totally am though) but just having the ability to go shopping by yourself and for yourself opens your eyes to a lot of décor options that you thought would never have been your style.

Big life

9. Brokers are your best friends

Your broker becomes the person that you ensure that you stay in touch with. You keep him happy by sending him Diwali presents, and asking about his family, lying about how cute his slightly obese son looks. You do all this, so that if, heaven forbid, your crazy landlord (refer to point 5) decides to throw you out before your lease is up, the friendship that you cultivated with your broker can now be put to urgent and excellent use.

Best friend

10. Feeling all grown up

The most important thing about living alone is that it makes you feel like an adult. You’re not completely responsible (you may have killed your pet fish/plant/hamster by forgetting to feed it regularly. Whoops!) but you’re learning the ropes the hard way. There will be a lot of stumbling and break downs and sometimes even calls to your parents in the middle of the night because you’re missing moms daal chawal, but at the end of the day, it’s all going to be worth it. You will know that you can survive in the big bad world, all on your own little feet.




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