21 Cute Little Unintentional Things Girls Do That Guys Love

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12:00 pm 16 Feb, 2016

Guys are profoundly visual creatures. They are instantly attracted to things that are pleasing to their eyes. But, boys are usually not-so-good at expressing things they adore about girls. So, ladies, here’s the list of cute little things you do that he totally adores.


1. Your charming smile when you look at him without flinching.


2. An honest, free-spirited laugh that lights up your face is something that boys find irresistible.

You giggling at his jokes? Totally cute (for him).


3. Its not just the sound of your laughter but also the way your eyes crinkle and smile that can make guys swoon.

4. Playing with hair every now and then.

Whether you’re pulling at it, twirling, or touching it, there’s something about this playing-with-hair thing that men find cute and sexy.


5. Passing on a whiff of perfume as you pass by.

Did you notice the hearty second glances?


6. As with perfume, your shampoo too can leave guys crazy about you.

Smelling girls’ hair is a major turn on for boys. Take note, ladies!


7. When you bite or purse your lips unconsciously.

There’s something about it that makes men notice you. Just don’t overdo it, please.


8. When you get really embarrassed or very excited.

Do keep it real!


9. When you get little bit mad; for him, it’s super-adorable.

Just don’t whine a whole lot.


10. The pose of stretching out or standing on your toes while reaching for something.

Guys find it irresistible and you know that, don’t you? They kind of take time to admire the view before offering some help.


11. Your make-up free PJ look, all comfy and messy – for some reason, guys find it very attractive.


12. He also appreciates the way you get all dolled up and dressed for him.


13. All guys love their own names a lot more when girls call them out.

Well, guys are just made that way.


14. Guys like it when you’re wearing glasses; do they get the geeky vibes?

We don’t know.


15. Guys actually feel redeemed when girls understand & regard their sentiments and perspective.

Because it’s a rare astronomical event!


16. When you give up your sleep and prioritize him over everything else.

He may not tell you but sweetheart, you are scoring like 200 out of 100 every day. Unless of course he is a jerk!


17. You sorting out a heap of problems and yet making no complaints.


18. Your independent and daring attitude.

It does not apply to male chauvinists. But, who cares about them, anyway?


19. Your childlike behavior on some occasions.

The only exception is when he is expecting lady-like and not child-like behavior. Remember, ‘child-like’ and ‘childish’ are two different words.


20. Your passion and confidence to accomplish something is a whole lot attractive to the opposite sex.


21. You being yourself and not caring a damn about what others think.


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