15 Things That All Fauji Kids Can Relate To

10:00 am 9 Mar, 2016


Bestowed with different responsibilities and newer challenges at every turn, a soldier becomes quite strikingly different from a civilian over the course of time. And, things get quite different for the fauji kids too; right from the very beginning. Born to army personnel, s/he is generally brought up in an atmosphere shrouded with discipline and perfection.

We have compiled a few points down here which every army kid in India shall be able to relate to:


1. At a time when the other kids are busy planning outings with friends, we are busy making friends at new schools every now and then.

After all, staying fixed at one place for more than two years is a dream to the military men, and their families.


2. Sometimes, we have to go weeks and months without having any contact with our fathers or mothers.

Because they have to oblige the call of duty, no matter how inhospitable or erratic the conditions are.


3. The sheer joy of being at Army Cantonments is unparalleled to any other!

Let’s admit it; no matter how ill-kept the main city may be, army cantonments are always prim, proper and beautiful, and include every kind of amenities that a person needs to live a smooth life at a subsidized rate.


4. Sometimes, you don’t know what to say when you are posed with the simplest question, “Where are you from?”.

Because your hometown may be Chennai but you have been living in New Delhi for the last few years, and your father or mother may now be posted somewhere in North East India! Phew! Quite a difficult calculation it is!


5. We can instantly identify the ranks of the army personnel or the services they hold by just looking at their uniform.

After all, we have grown up amidst people in uniforms!


6. Each city has a special flavor for us.

We may not have spent more than few years in a city but each one of us has at least one vivid memory of each of those towns and cantonments.


7. We get an amazing reaction we get when we talk about our father/mother’s profession to our non-army friends!

“What! Is it? Man!! How cool is that!!”


8. At a time when the other kids are fed with fairy tales and made-up stories about distant lands, we are told real-life stories about wars, heroism and valiance.


It’s all about heroism everywhere for us—real-life heroism!


9. Home is where your father’s duty is!

Perhaps sad sometimes, but fed with different challenges nevertheless!


10. We have the strongest mothers who play dual roles of being a mother as well as a father!

She pampers us, scolds us, manages all our school/college obligations, and imbibes in us the discipline and pride for the nation that every fauji lives with! In case our moms are in defense forces, it’s dads who play the dual roles.


11. You may have your kitty parties, but we have our lovely mess parties!

With the Army band playing songs, uncles and aunties tapping their feet with it, and the children frolicking nearby, these parties are to die for!


12. At a time when a big chunk of people are busy playing the blame-game, we stand up for the cause and fight for them.

Because pride and love for the country is something we have innately imbibed in us!


13. The truck that took us to school and back home was the first Shaktiman we knew of.

We fondly remember Shaktiman Trucks.


14. Our choices in water bottles were limited to Milton bottles.

These were widely available in CDS canteens and just about everyone in school had a Milton bottle.

Fauji kids


15. Stories with friends in school or cantonment began with ‘When I was in…’

Well, each one of us kids had been to places. So, we got to hear stories from all over India.