13 Most Adorable Things Common Between Your Toddlers And Puppies

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Updated on 28 Apr, 2015 at 2:55 pm


Those, you who have a puppy and baby at home, would know how similar the two are.

With their furry faces and doe eyes, puppies have always managed to melt our hearts, and so have the babies with their rosy cheeks and twinkling eyes. At this age, both are really raw and still struggling to understand the world around them. It’s up to us, the grown-ups now to understand how we can help in making this world a better place for them.

And while we’re doing this on a daily basis, let us also take a look at these adorable pictures of puppies and babies that prove they’re quite similar to each other.

1. Both love to play fetch.


It’s not just the puppies who like playing fetch; toddlers too are in love with balls. Fetching a ball is playful and challenging for both of them.

Toddlers and puppies

2. Both like eating off the floor.

Puppies or babies, when they find food littered on the floor, even when it’s the same food refused by them on table, will instantly vacuum it down.

Does food on the floor really taste better?

Littered food

3. Whenever they get a chance, puppies and toddlers, love to sneak into your cozy bed.

No doubt if you have both at home, they will often appear sleeping in bliss inside your bed when you wake up in the morning…..

4. Both are good at holding grudges and showing you a cold shoulder.

Try denying them their favorite treat or just walk on their tantrums and both will give you the “extended cold shoulder”.

Ice cold it will be.

Favorite treat

5. They poop and pee recklessly around the house.

Ok, toddlers can least be made to wear diapers, but puppies? No, they will poop and pee, wherever they please and whenever they need to take nature’s call.

6. Left alone for a little while, they are going to trash the house into a dustbin.

Shredded newspaper, spilt colors, stained sofas, dropped photo frames, and this is just the toddler. Puppies – they are worse, they will nibble shoes, tear clothes, poop, and still dare to look their most innocent.

And look adorable their expressions are creating a mess….

Creating mess

7. Both can be trained. Sort of!

No matter how free-spirited the two are, they still need you to be around them.  Tell them to sit, and they will, tell them to eat, they might create a fuss, tell them to play and they will………


8. Both are experts at noising their complaints.

Puppies or toddlers, they have a way to get under your skin. It’s simple – puppies bark and toddlers whine.


9. They’re always incredibly delighted to see you when you return home.

Even if you were out only for an hour, they will instantly hug you at the door, and give you the most exhilarating welcome.


10. See how both of them smile at the sight of treats.

Be it a box of chocolates for the toddlers or a box of their favorite dog food for puppies, they’ll love for your treat they get.

Treat box

11. Both will give you everything dirty.

There’s something about mud and grime – it attracts them like a magnet.


12. They’re always hungry, aren’t they?

Maybe not all of them, but somehow most of them keep hungry all the time, and when you serve them food, most of it is left on the dish.


13. Life’s never dull with them around.

We cannot live without them. We love them just as unconditionally, as they love us.


Puppies and toddlers

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