14 Things An Awesome Proposal Must Have

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Updated on 10 Nov, 2015 at 11:18 am


Who doesn’t want their proposals to be memorable? Couples nowadays come up with unique ways to pop the question to their loved ones. However, it might help if you go a little prepared. After all, you want ‘Yes’ as an answer. Make sure to do the following to make your proposal unforgettable and convincing. Such should be the impact that your partner doesn’t end up thinking twice before giving a nod.

1. The meeting place

Select an apt place to pop the question to your beloved.


2. Don’t forget the ring


Buy the perfect ring so that she can flaunt it around.

3. Speak your heart

You don’t have to come up with a perfect speech.

4. Involve family

You can opt for an informed proposal if your partner wants family approval prior to marrying.

5. A creative proposal

You can show your creative side here.

6. Surprise your partner

Nothing like giving your loved one the most beautiful surprise of her life.

7. Simple yet impactful

You don’t need to go overboard.

8. Plan it well

A well planned proposal will ensure an intact surprise element.

9. Don’t go overbudget

It’s not the money that will convince her.

10. Be ready with a plan B

Sometimes things don’t work out the way you planned, be prepared for an escape.

11. Ensure to capture the moment

Or accidentally get captured.

12. Have a personalized touch to it.

Like playing her favourite music etc.

13. Make sure your partner will accept your proposal.

Just be sure of her feelings.

14. Seal it with a kiss.


Now that’s the perfect ending to a new beginning.

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