The Story Of How A Paralysed V.K. Bansal Ignited Minds Will Inspire You

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Updated on 28 Aug, 2018 at 5:35 pm


Ever heard of Bansal Classes? Yes, it’s the same coaching institute which has taken up its shoulders the responsibility of guiding the youth of our country to become successful engineering graduates from top colleges like IITs. But we are not here to talk about the classes; we are here to know more about the man behind it.

Bansal Engineering

The institute’s founder, Vinod Kumar Bansal, is a mechanical engineer from BHU, and holds an M.Tech and Ph.D degree from IIT Delhi.


Despite being born into a poor family, Mr. Bansal topped every class till X motivated by the scholarship with which he could cover some expenses and continue his education.


Class topper

He started working at JK Synthetics, a chemical company, in Kota.

His dream of becoming a chief engineer was cut short by muscular dystrophy, a degenerative disease without a cure.

VK Bansal, Kota

This did not stop him, and he decided to start coaching students.


Mr. Bansal started his teaching career with just one student and a dining table.

Because of high success rates, more students started to learn from him.

Bansal Classes

Bansal Classes

Mr. Bansal’s motto is so powerful, it should be adopted by every teacher in India.

Motto of a teacher

And there is a book on his life, ‘It All Adds Up’, written by Sachin Jha.


It is Mr. Bansal’s indefatigable spirit that has helped him turn around his life in such a way that thousands of students are now able to benefit from his success and achieve their dreams.