13 Things About Introverts That Are Totally Annoying

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5:15 pm 3 Nov, 2016

Introverts are mostly harmless creatures. They remain confined within their own limits and don’t invade others’ spaces. They are the best listeners and can be very interesting to talk to because they don’t brag. Their knowledge is accurate and their opinions usually make sense.

But they can also be annoying at times and frustrate you and make you glad that you are not like them.

Here are 13 things that are thoroughly annoying about introverts.

1. Ignoring messages

While texting with an introvert can be quite gripping because of the sheer amount of knowledge about everything and their witty comebacks, the other side of the coin is that you can be thoroughly ignored by them. They would not even care to leave a sentence for days.


2. Ignoring your presence completely

They have this annoying habit of ignoring you completely in public spaces even if you wave at them. Make no mistake that they perhaps didn’t see you. They absolutely did but were not interested to wave back at you for some reasons you would never know. If you are lucky enough, they might smile at you, but don’t expect them to initiate a conversation.


3. They think of themselves as more intelligent

While it is absolutely true that a large number of introverts are quite knowledgeable, they also have this annoying notion to think of themselves as more intelligent than everyone else and look down upon others and often judge them silently.


4. They disappear when you need them

They drive you crazy with their superpower of disappearing when you need them the most. While you might understand them and their personality, it is still frustrating that when you need them to talk and share something they are nowhere near you. You are on your own.


5. Lying that they are busy when you know they are not

There are times when you need them to give you company and you know they are not having any plans. But when you ask them, they will tell you blatant lies that they are going to be busy at that exact time. But you very well know that they are just going to stay at home and stare at the walls.


6. Cancelling plans

Nothing is more annoying than their ability to cancel plans and feel nothing just because they “don’t feel like going out” though you have been talking about it for weeks. Your expectations doesn’t matter.


7. Their self-obsession

Introverts are self obsessed. While you might not find extroverts identifying themselves as extroverts, introverts fail no opportunity to identify themselves as introverts and talking about how it feels to be introverts.


8. Expecting others to be like them

Introverts are quiet and that is okay and extroverts do understand that but what introverts don’t understand is that they make the extroverts feel like they are making too much of noises and trying to draw attention while they are just trying to be themselves. They don’t understand they cannot expect extroverts to be like them.


9. They put too less effort in a relationship

They put so much less effort in a relationship that if you are an extrovert, you would agree that hadn’t you gone out of your way to be friends with them, you people would not be friends. It is an extrovert who can keep the friendship with an introvert going.


10. Leaving parties early

Just when you thought the best part of the party is going to happen, there come introverts explaining what important work they need to do at that very moment and they need to move instantly. They do it in every gathering as if the gathering would suffocate them.


11. One-sided conversation

If you are friends with introverts, you might have already realised how frustrating it is to converse with them because if they had not been friends with you for about two years at least, conversing with them is mostly going to be one-sided. Of course when they get used to you, you will be amazed that they are talkative, too!


12. They don’t talk unless forced

When you are alone with them, you would realise, you can spend years alongside them and they would not talk to you unless you bombard them with questions. You need to keep asking them questions to keep them talking.


13. Their constant whining

They keep whining about how the world is too noisy and how people should actually behave. They just want the world to adapt to their lack of social skills and make no effort to be social to any extent.


PS: I am an introvert.

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