A Criminal Mug Shot Recasts A Thief Into A Raging Model

2:09 pm 4 Sep, 2017

From making a living by stealing and speeding out in stolen cars, to being bumped into a career in glamour modelling, here’s a rags to riches story that will definitely surprise you!

Mekhi Atlante Lucky New York Post

Meet Mekhi Atlante Lucky. All of 20 years of age, Mekhi was a seasoned thief who had been associated with criminal activities for quite long. In May he was arrested for speeding and driving a stolen car! True to his name, Lucky evaded jail time but he sure is extremely grateful to the police for having arrested him.

As is the case with judicial procedure, a suspected criminal has to have his mugshots taken before being put behind the bars. It was no different for Mekhi Lucky. But as luck would have it, a Twitter handle named Wake Mugshots spotted Lucky’s photos by mining police records and found his features attractive. Soon, his mugshot went viral across all social media platforms, with Lucky’s square jaw and duo-colored eyes making him quite an internet sensation.

Being noticed by a large social media audience was not enough, the fashion world too was smitten by his raw features. In the last week of August, Mekhi was signed up for a modelling contract by St. Claire Modelling, a famous New York based modelling agency. The former criminal’s life has changed.

Lucky is born with segmental heterochromia, a condition where the two eyes of a person have different colors. This is a rare condition and only 1% of the human population have it.

Lucky has a troubled past. This  5’10” model has been booked for assault, breaking and entering as well as resisting a public officer. His crime history is recorded in police records but all of it has left no impact on his fans, who are eager to see their favorite model take to the limelight.