Thief Returns Stolen Purse By Courier Because It Had Picture Of Owner’s Mother

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5:15 pm 18 Sep, 2017


An incident of a thief stealing a purse is not a rare one in today’s world. But returning a stolen purse is rare for sure. An incident of a thief returning a stolen purse to its owner has come to light from Hoshangabad city of Madhya Pradesh. While the news of a thief returning a stolen wallet is surprising, the reason why is truly heartening.

The reason why the thief returned the wallet to its owner was the picture of the owner’s mother that the owner of the wallet had kept in it. The thief returned the purse to its owner through courier but did not return the 1200 rupees kept in it. However, all the important documents kept in it including driving license, Aadhar card, and PAN card were intact when the courier was received by Mohammed Aslam, the owner of the purse.

Thief return’s stolen purse through courier because it had picture of owner’s mother Pixabay



Mohammed Aslam hails from Hoshangabad city of Madhya Pradesh. Upon receiving his stolen wallet back, he revealed that he was in Faridabad on July 25. Around this time, he had been to Sadar Bazaar, a busy market in Delhi, where his pocket was picked. He then registered a police complaint in the Sadar Police station of Delhi. After almost two months of his pocket being picked, he received a courier at his Amar Chowk residence in Hoshangabad. When he opened the courier, he was surprised to see his stolen purse inside. Along with the purse, the courier contained a letter that has a phone number written on it.

When Mohammed Aslam called on that number, the man on the other side of the phone said that he had returned everything that was there in the wallet except the 1200 rupees. He also said that he had done so because the wallet had Aslam’s mother’s picture. The pickpocket went on to say that he also loves his mother and the photo kept in the wallet shows that its owner is his mother’s beloved child and hence he returned it. Aslam then informed the Sadar police station about getting his purse back.