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Poor Thief Mistakenly Turns To Policemen For Help, Gets Caught For The Second Time

Published on 2 December, 2018 at 6:48 pm By

A strange and funny incident happened with a vehicle thief who was on a run for last few days. When the thief asked for help from a few men, to his surprise, he discovered that the men turned out to be police constables. In no time, the thief got caught for the second time. The incident happened in Tamil Nadu’s Puzhal from where the thief was arrested by the constables. Balakrishnan stole a Tata Ace vehicle on November 27, 2018 from Vellore. He had reached to Puzhal in the same vehicle before being nabbed.


The 27-year-old man had almost gotten away with the van (TN-25 AX 0866). The incident happened while the vehicle was parked on the road side Vellore’s Sathuvachari. How how did the police constables catch him? Read below to know more!



It was when the thief’s stolen vehicle was broken down and he approached for help to a few men who were sipping tea in a nearby shop. That time, Balakrishnan didn’t realize that the men were police constables.



They agreed to help and began pushing the vehicle. However, the men soon noticed that Balakrishnan was not having the key to the vehicle. They called the vehicle’s owner whose number was written on the back of the truck.




The vehicle’s owner mentioned over the call that his van was stolen the previous night. The men who helped Balakrishnan push the vehicle turned out to be R Selvamanikam and P Madhan Kumar, constables working at the Puzhal Central Prison. This is one of its kind news when a thief got caught in a very unusual way!




Both constables were wearing plain clothes and were thus not identifiable to Balakrishnan.

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