These Rare Pictures Show That Marilyn Monroe Was Also A Fitness Freak

2:00 am 3 Apr, 2014


Marilyn Monroe looks every bit sultry in these rare images of her working out in a terry cloth bikini. She was photographed with her guns of steel by Philippe Halsman for LIFE magazine. The images were assembled and taken in her cheap two-room apartment on the outskirts of Los Angles. Get ready to see Marilyn in this amazing photoshoot on the cutting room floor. Here is one of the world’s most beautiful women doing things too manly for her time.


1. I pray the Lord my muscles peak

Marilyn Monroe Lifting Weights

2. If squats did not exist, it would be necessary to invent them


her guns of Steel

3. Does “Swoletaire” work better here?

cutting room floor

4.  Giggle-fit at work

on the floor with hand stand

5. Best things in world are not touch, they are lift.

talent to flirt

6. Early to press, early to feast makes a woman hurly, burly and beast

her sex appeal

7. Buy me my protein shake

terry cloth bikini

8. One doesn’t get the life like mine easily

Smiling for the pose

9. Come with me, I want to show you something

thats how i stay in shape

10. Nothing feels as good as workout


11. This shape doesn’t come easily

feeling blond all over

12. Every exercise encounters a healthy diet

bizarre Eating habbits

via  The Selvedge Yard, Marilyn Monroe Pages


Images Courtesy: Philippe Halsman for LIFE Magazine.