These pictures provide a glimpse into the world’s toughest job

5:00 pm 1 Apr, 2014

What is the toughest job in the world? Is it trying to lift a heavy load up a mountain? Is it navigating pirate infested waters? Or, is it your job, which you cuss every day? None of these, we say. The toughest job in the world is that of a parent. There is no end to the high-octane adrenalin rush a hapless parent has to go through to ensure their kids do not turn them into a lunatic. If you thought being a parent is easy, take a look at these pictures and rethink.

1. When a kid takes control of the computer


2. Just a ‘little bit’ more?


3. There won’t be any skin on those drums the next time


4. Head popping or popcorn making?

14.) These parents that let their kid make popcorn on movie night.

5. Even a dog doesn’t has his day with a kid armed with colour gun


6. Oops! Just Oops!


7. The world’s best tug-o-war


8. An unruly child

18.) The mom who just wanted Dr. Phil to give her some insight.

9. Mama, we just wanted to feed Boo-Boo


10. Amateur photo-breaker


11. Toughest job of a referee

17.) This mom who just wanted to enjoy the game.

12. Let your face be the launch-pad


13. If this is not cotton spread, what is?


14. A really bad kid in a store


15. And down it goes the drain


16. Oh my! A future hairdresser?

16.) The parent that let this little guy try to cut his own hair.

17. Don’t let the kids bake, O mother!

15.) The mom who let her kids help bake.

18. I won’t let you water the garden


Credit: Buzzfeed

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