These Photos Are The Best Way To Understand What Happens When You Fall Face First

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 8:10 pm

What happens when you fall face first? Do you fly or do you get grounded? Do you have those animated birds circling over your head or are you just knocked out? After Italian photographer Sandro Giordoan met with an accident, in which he fell face first, he decided to document the peculiarity of the fall in a series of photographs. He asked models to pose in that singular manner and the result is incredible.

The first fall

bodies with no regret

A tragicomic display of a person falling

person falling flat on his/her face.

Each image has a unique thread running through

If you look carefully, there's one common proponent to each image.

You will notice that every person is holding on to some material item

 the person is clutching onto at least one material item

It is when they try to protect that item, they take the fall

They take the fall while trying to protect their inanimate possessions

The risk is high, even fatal but materialism dominates

material things becoming more important

And they can take a tumble in tennis courts, too

The series is actually inspired by his own experience from a bicycle accident

Giordoan lost a third of his right arm’s strength because of trying to hold on to the thing in his hand

bicycle accident

People sacrifice a part of their body to protect inanimate objects

prevent his smartphone from falling into water

Tumbles and tumbles

photos showing like-minded individuals losing their balance while holding onto their precious objects.

They’re all at once shocking…

They're all at once shockig

And they come out of their homes, too


Some are hilarious

In Extremis

Credit: Sandro Giordoan’s project, IN EXTREMIS. More of his works can be seen here.