Pictures indeed convey more than a thousand words. Here in these photographs of Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund grant winners you’ll see the unseen and unheard stories of our world – most of them disturbing. These photographs cover underreported issues from around the world, including a painful truth of United States.

1. All hands for medicine

Chen Qinggang/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

“Patients at Muli County.” Chen Qinggang/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

2. The heaven for murderers

Oscar Castillo: Our War—Our Pain (Venezuela)

Above is a Venezuelan gang member in an alley controlled by his gang. Oscar B. Castillo/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

3. In search of new home

Allesandro Penso: Refugees in Bulgaria

Moroccan migrants hiding at a Greek port, biding their time to illegally board a ship to Italy. Alessandro Penso/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

4. A rescue work

Patients at Muli County (China)

Chinese soldier rescuing a man trapped for two days after the 2008 earthquake that devastated parts of central China. Chen Qinggang/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

5. What war does

Unseen Spaces of the Global War on Terror (United States)

“Guantanamo: If The Light Goes Out.” Edmund Clark/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

6. Going nowhere

Known as the "Maids' Bus

Even today segregation is common in US. This is ‘Maids’ Bus’, the Cherokee Bend 50 passes through downtown Birmingham, Alabama, carrying women to and fro their jobs as maids and cooks in Mountain Brook. Carolyn Drake/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

7. Age of innocence

Two boys play a mock gun battle game in Shatila Camp

A scene in Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, Lebanon. The Palestinian camp, set up in the aftermath of the 1948 Arab-Israeli war, has grown into a concrete maze where residents lack basics such as clean water and sewage. Zann Huizhen Huang/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

8. An Indian wash

India wash

A man washes himself on a pile of printed circuit boards in the Manoli landfill outside of Delhi, India. The boards will be dipped in acid from the plastic jerry-cans to extract copper, an extremely hazardous process. Kai Löffelbein/Laif/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

9. Skinning a bear white

Inuit Elders

Inuit elders Mark and Angie Eetak separating fat from the pelt of a polar bear. A single pelt can sell for more than $10,000. Ed Ou/Reportage by Getty/Magnum Foundation Emergency Fund

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