This is sacrilege! How can anyone twist the innocence of Disney characters into a deplorable display of pervert fetish? But, in the world of the internet where anyone can do as they please, without anything binding or preventing them, such action, although condemnable, do not surprise us. Here we have some of our favourite Disney characters posing in ways only an adult mind can imagine. (Heck, the maker has not even pardoned Mickey and Minnie!) What is the world coming to!


1. This is Jane of Tarzan fame who thinks she can be as skimpy as her jungle boy


2. Peter Pan and Wendy get real!

That Was Fun

3. When Cinderella does a Paris Hilton

Paris Princess

4. Let the Wolf shit in peace, dear Red Riding Hood

Does a Wolf Sht in the Woods

5. Ariel in her many forms

Arial, Bold

6. Too much of an observant eye, should we say

 Is That What We Think it Is

7. The lovely Pocahontas can be cruel

 Women are Cold

8. Too ‘high’ for a priestess

Disney Re-done

9. This gets really beastly

 The Lion Thing

10. Quentin Tarantino presents

 Not Your Kid's Bambi