These Disturbing Images Show Methamphetamine Is Bad No Matter Why You May Have Loved Breaking Bad

2:00 am 30 Mar, 2014

‘Breaking Bad’ was an iconic TV series and despite its somewhat sympathetic depiction of methamphetamine producers, it has a serious flaw: meth can never be good. In these images you will discover a small piece of what forms the disturbing and deplorable picture of meth addicts and usage. The situation in Laurel County, Kentucky, shows that reality is far worse than a show with a Guinness world record can claim to have highlighted.


1. A bust: An undercover agent searching an abandoned trailer for meth-related items


2. Teresa Hall (R) after she is found at a trailer with meth-related items


3. Woods full of meth-making substances

meth lab related trash discarded in the woods.

4. Destroyed: A meth-lab fire destroyed this house

A house that burned down in a fire caused by a meth lab

5. Shopping for poison: This Walmart in London, Kentucky is the one-stop destination for all meth shopping


6. Looking for the suspicious: Undercover agent on the lookout for potential suspects


7. An arrest made


8. A meth-impacted family united


9. Collecting stuff dropped by a meth cook


10. Meth-lab sealed for decontamination


11. More meth-producing stuff

Materials for producing meth are found at a trailer.

12. A neighbour talks to police after they arrest meth-cooks


13. The crystal death

Meth collected by Jason Back during a recent raid.

Credit: All images taken by Stacy Krantiz for Mother Jones. You may read the complete article here.


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