Know The Ceremonies Of The NDA, IMA And OTA Passing Out Parades

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5:00 pm 30 Jul, 2015

The passing out parade is one of the most spectacular features for the cadets of the Indian Defence Academy, Indian Military Academy and Officers Training Academy. It marks the beginning of an officer life for the cadets and their induction in the Defence Forces of India.


A unique parade is held on the Khetarpal parade ground.



The parade comprises of over a thousand cadets who bid their seniors goodbye. A masterly display of drill movements synchronised with the accompanying band ingrains long lasting memories in participants as well as viewers.



Often these parades are presided over by a chief guest who encourages and exhorts the cadets to sincerely devote their life to uphold the honour and integrity of our nation.



The passing out cadets slowly march towards the quarter deck which is manned by the junior most cadets who cheer on the passing cadets. With the haunting strains of ‘Auld Lang Syne’, the Adjutant on his charger accompanies the cadets towards the “Antim Pag.”



The gentleman cadets then cross the “Antim Pag” for the first and the last time to join the prestigious defence forces of our nation.



Under the blue sky and the magnificent Chetwood building in the background, roughly a two hour programme is held on the Drill Square.



The programme includes parade inspection, sword of honour, piping and oath ceremony. The sword of honour is awarded to a cadet who is adjudged as the best All-Round Cadet during the training.



Usually, a Chief of Staff is present who presides over the whole ceremony as the reviewing officer. The passing out brigade consists of gentleman cadets which also includes cadets belonging to friendly nations who were also a part of the training program.



Parents, wardens and guardians witness this memorable moments as the cadets cross the Chetwood threshold to become officers of the Indian Army.



After completing their basic military training from the Officers Training Academy, gentleman and lady cadets take part in a passing out parade that marks their official induction in the Indian Army.



The family members of the cadets proudly watch as these young officers display their skills in various programs during the combined display which serves as a prelude to the passing out parade.



A reviewing officer, generally a Chief of Staff, felicitates the cadets and also reminds them of enormous responsibilities they are expected to shoulder while commanding the troops.



The national flag is brought in for saluting. Finally, the soldiers march towards and cross the “Antim Pag” and become proud and gallant officers of the Indian Army.






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