These Africans Have A Unique Hunting Method For A Hidden Beast: Put A Leg On The Line

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10:00 pm 15 Feb, 2014


Contains graphic visuals; viewer discretion is advised.

Africa is a land of the strangest of things. Those of you who watch Discovery or Nat Geo must be aware of the peculiar customs, inexplicable methods and strangest lifestyles of some of the most remote habitations of Africa. One of those inexplicable methods is employed while hunting. In this video, a group of tribal hunters are about to catch a huge beast. The African tribal hunting method is what might make your eyes pop out of their sockets. The language is French, so if you know that, it’s good, else it makes the video an even better experience. Yes, even better because the beast is the biggest surprise!


Credit: Infoblog1 via official YouTube account.

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