These 16 Rust Cohle Wisecracks Are All You Need To Become True Detective

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Updated on 19 Jan, 2018 at 5:06 pm


1. If you think Rust Cohle is calm, you’re handing your ass to him.



2. Lennon must be happy somewhere.

rust cohle quotesRust Cohle quotes



3. You don’t talk deep to Rust Cohle. Rust Cohle IS deep.

Reggie Ledoux killing sceneRust Cohle kills Reggie Ledoux


4. Rust Cohle doesn’t give a damn how you feel when you meet him.

Maggie meets Rust Cohle in barMaggie meets Rust in his bar


5. When Rust Cohle comes to interrogate, folks start praying whichever God they believe in.

Rust Cohle quotesRust Cohle talking to Hart


6. Rust Cohle can’t love because he can think.

Martin Hart quotesRust Cohle on love


7. Rust Cohle has his own business. He doesn’t care about yours.

Martin Hart and Rust CohleRust Cohle quotes


8. Rust Cohle smokes when he wants to smoke. And, where he wants.

Cops interrogating Rust CohleRust Cohle smoking Camel


9. This is how Rust Cohle returns gratitude.

Maggie visits Rust CohleSex between Maggie and Rust Cohle


10. Oh yes! And he has a F***ing Academy Award to prove it.

Rust meets GingerGinger and Rust


11. There is a little bit of Camus in Rust Cohle. Or, maybe a whole lot.

Mother of Rust CohleRust Cohle and Martin Hart talking


12. Rust Cohle is not a tourist.

Rust and Jennifer dancingRust Cohle and Jennifer dancing


13. Don’t ever try to change Rust Cohle’s way of thinking to fit your own.

Maggie and Rust talking Maggie and Rust talking at home


14. Not a lot of Mush with this guy, Rust.

True Detective final scene Form and Void


15. Rust Cohle is a Big Picture kinda guy.

hart and chole talkingRust Cohle explains earth


16. The name is Cohle. Rust Cohle.

Rust and Hart talkingHart caught