These 15 Images Covering New York Snowfall Truly Makes People Together With Time Standing Still

10:00 pm 26 Apr, 2014


Ah, the wonders of this beautiful planet where we live in! Thanks to the Almighty that we are alive and are able to see these exciting beauty of the nature as snowfall covers the whole of New York. Smile in amusement as you scroll below and discover how beautiful New York snowfall is.


1. Brings the snow and makes our winter glow

kindle fire with snow

2. Silently, like thoughts come and go



3. Trying to see where the snowflakes were born

girl cycle

4. Snow falling always fills the heart

first snow

5. First snow is like the first love

family walking

6. Such an amazement

covered all black

7. Magical event

coffee bar

8. Even nature listens when snow fall

city bus

9. Must Thank God


10. Like a thing of  wonder

beware of this snow

11. Thrill out of glimse


12. Makes you feel special

when season clash

13. Glory of the day

soft white damn

14. Whole world composed of one thing

roads all covered

15. World so clean

perfect beginning

From: Behance


Credit: Rinze Van Brug

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