These 10 ‘LOL’ Worthy Badass But Strange Tattoos Will Destroy Your Desire To Get Inked

2:00 pm 3 Apr, 2014


The art of ink has traveled through various eras but there is no shortage of some people who misuse that art. Please someone tell these guys to shake themselves to unblock their mind and come with some better tattoos instead of cracking our mind with these shitty ones. Here, we have brought you some hopeless humans with their so called ‘Unique’ tattoo. Check these random and crazy images which don’t ignite a spark. You can state your opinions in comments.

1. He’s Lovin It

Mcd menu

2. It’s What’s Underneath That Matters


3. Dirty Kitty



4. Chess Expressions

chess expressions

5. Six Pack

trying to fool us

6. Bullet Shot

serious fight before joining the gang

7. Cake Dump

Oval office

8. Gorilla

roster gorilla

9. Oprah

oprah workout

10. Rainbow Madness

crazy rainbow monster



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