A Reformed Thief Will Apologize To Owners Of More Than 260 Houses He Robbed

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5:57 pm 7 May, 2016


A 46-year-old reformed thief now plans to say sorry to owners of the all houses he robbed over last 30 years. Also, he will help them get back the valuables he stole.


Basavaraj Ningappa Belagajjari  apologized for the first time to a house owner in 2010.

“Deciding to live a decent life, I reformed myself in 2010 and took odd jobs for living. One day I was passing before a house in Bylahongala which I had burgled in 2005. Gathering courage, I entered the house and asked for a glass of water. Then, I told them that I was the one who thieved their one kg gold. They believed me when I gave them details of their missing gold.”

He walked 450 Km and arrived in Bengaluru. He carried an Indian flag and a banner saying, ‘A house for poor and education for downtrodden’.

“I have seen thousands of criminals in my 30 years of offender life. Most of the criminals commit offences due to poverty and illiteracy. I shall stand as witness in courts,” he told TOI.


He added that he targeted residences of government officials and never stole from poor at any time.



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