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Ever Wondered Why Movie Theaters Are Located On The Top Floor In Shopping Malls?

Published on 10 May, 2018 at 5:27 pm By

We all love watching our favourite films on the big screens in the theatres. Watching a movie in the theatres is one of the best ways to relieve stress and spend some time with family and friends. So where do you usually go to watch a movie?



You go to watch a move in the multiplexes in shopping malls most of the time, right?
But have you ever wondered why the theatres are located on the topmost floor of a shopping mall?



Multiplexes are one of the most important ways to attract a huge number of people in the shopping malls on a daily basis. Therefore, to place the theaters on the topmost floor becomes a business strategy here in order to make customers roam around all the floors of the mall and increase the possibility of sales. You might stroll around the branded stores and end up buying something.



One more thing to note here is that the food court is also located on the top floor of the malls for the same reason. Multiplexes and food courts tend to enjoy the ‘Destination Status’ which means that people will visit them no matter what.



Moreover, movie theaters require a tentatively large space that can sometimes take up a whole floor as well. Thus theaters are located on the top floor of the malls leaving the lower floors for other brands like apparel and electronics.


Incidentally, there is a safety precaution here as well. As multiplexes serve food, there is a large possibility that a mishap can take place in the kitchen that may result in a fire.

Then, it becomes easy to vacate the people from the emergency gate when the kitchen is located on the top floors. Apparently, the lower floors are less prone to fire.




Well, that’s interesting!

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