World’s First Test Tube Lions Are Thriving. So This Means End Of Extinction?

1:51 pm 5 Oct, 2018


Every ‘90s kid would have fallen in love with Simba, the young lion who takes revenge for his father’s murder in the 1994 classic animated film – The Lion King. Simba inspired the kids then to stand up as a strong individual (be it an animal) and be headstrong. It’s been 26 years now and the animated movie still resonates in the heart. Today, there’s great news for every Lion King fan. Not one, but two beautiful cubs have got the distinction of being the world’s first test tube lions! Isn’t that just awesome that these cute mini lions will have a chance to wander on the grass of this great planet?

Curious now? The world’s first test tube lions are thriving a month after being born (August 2018) – giving high hopes to every wildlife enthusiast!



Like every great story, we must know the history behind the world’s first test tube lions. Don’t you want to know who their father and mother are? After all, their contribution might just save these endangered big cats from extinction!



Let’s begin with their names – It’s Viktor and Isabel, thank you! Their nationality? South African! I mean, they were created after artificial insemination of their mother by scientists at the University of Pretoria.


Thanks to Viktor and Isabel’s thriving health, the face of IVF treatment – in which a male’s sperm was placed into the female egg – can save alot of precious (and extinct) species like tiger, lynx and snow leopard.


Why is this IVF crucial? Because don’t you agree that we need to save wildlife from dangerous habitat and pressures which also affect big cats like Viktor’s species?



The world’s first test tube lions came easier than previously failed attempts. In trying to save the lion species, breeding was encouraged, by physically putting a male and female to get mated.



Wondering how Viktor and Isabel finally got conceived? At the Ukutulu Game Reserve and Conservation Centre, a lion’s sperm was collected and inseminated into their mother when her hormones were at the peak.



Do these beautiful twins have a birth date? Yes! The world’s first test tube lions were born on August 25, 2018.





Viktor and Isabel,  the world’s first test tube lions, will be young lions as Simba soon and be introduced to the other lions. Let’s merry in their survival for now!

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