The Woolly Mammoth Is About To Be Revived 3,300 Years After Its Extinction

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6:00 pm 25 Mar, 2015


We’ve been hearing about this on and off over many years. There has been much debate over whether the Woolly Mammoth should be brought back to life or not. Gone are the days of debate.

A geneticist has taken frozen mammoth DNA, created a synthetic replica of it and inserted it into cells taken from a live elephant.

Luckily for George Church, a professor of genetics at Harvard University, many frozen mammoths have been found in Siberia. Some of these are so well preserved that people have had mammoth steak.

Asian elephants are more closely related to mammoths than African elephants, except that they can’t survive harsh winters. The risen mammoths are expected to live in the Arctic region.

Ice Age

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Church thinks the mammoths will be able to keep the tundra region colder, important because of the greenhouse gases that are trapped in permafrost. “We prioritized genes associated with cold resistance including hairiness, ear size, subcutaneous fat and, especially hemoglobin,” he said.

The frozen mammoths have “contaminating” DNA due to lying in one place for thousands of years; therefore, Church has used DNA from the hair, which is tough enough to protect DNA.

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