Geeta Tandon: The Woman Who Stood Up For Herself, Against All Odds

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Updated on 4 Jun, 2016 at 1:06 pm


Geeta Tandon is one of the unsung heroes of the Hindi film industry. She’s a Bollywood stunt woman who makes so many leading ladies look way cooler than they really are. You may have heard her name in passing, though the odds of that having happened are pretty fuckin’ slim.


Doing daredevil stunts for a living wasn’t really a choice she made. She fought her way out of a really abusive marriage and did odd jobs to take care of her two kids as best she could. As glamorous and exciting as her job may seem now, she’s been to hell and back to find solid ground to stand on.


The thing about unsung heroes, is that their stories usually go untold. They stand in the shadows while others rake in the money and the glory. Here is an attempt to right that wrong. Here is the story of Geeta Tandon — the hell she’s been through, and all that she’s made of her life since she walked out of the nightmare that was her marriage.


Here’s hoping more women find the courage to stand up for themselves. And that their stories get told, loud and proud!