Twitterati Brings Out Their Brutal Side And Savagely Trolls ‘The Wire’ For Asking Funds

3:40 pm 1 Jun, 2018


The Wire is an online publishing website from Foundation for Independent Journalism (FIJ). They are a non-profit organization who publishes stories on politics, foreign policy, science and development, and political economy. The founders emphasize on the fact that they are an independent platform of journalism who are free from any commercial or political pressure.



Recently, while using The Wire, a user pointed out the fact that they are actually asking for funds from the readers for their reports. Here’s the tweet:



Soon another user followed with a similar tweet:


It wasn’t long before the Twitterati joined in and started pouring their comments. While some of them condemned their act of asking for funds, others raised suspicion on The Wire’s ‘pressure-free’ journalism. This is what they tweeted:










What do you think about this whole fiasco?