The Twisted World We Live In: Countries Where Homosexuality Is Illegal Or Punishable By Death

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6:28 pm 11 Aug, 2016

The gay community has never had it easy anywhere in the world, and like most minorities, the LGBT community continues to fight for basic human rights while the uninformed keep hurling ridiculous religious mumbo jumbo at them. That’s how it is for minorities everywhere — those in positions of power never want to relinquish an iota of control; they never want to give up their plush seats in the VIP area for the guys who’ve been standing out the door all these years.

While the LGBT community has managed to find corners of the world where they will be allowed to live, and love, in peace, there are still far too many parts of the world where hate far outweighs love, and homosexuality is considered a crime. Here’s a look at countries that refuse to live and let live, love and let love:



So here’s what the world looks like to the gay community. This is how difficult it is to be gay in a militant heteronormative world:


India is one of many countries that got its homophobia from its colonizers. The British Raj was as homophobic as it was widespread, and the single greatest disservice it did to the LGBT community, was that it institutionalized homophobia in its colonies and made same-sex relationships illegal in practically every last one. India’s homophobia, better known as Section 377 of the IPC, is nothing more than colonial hangover.


The ironic thing about the attitude towards homosexuality in India, is that the same people who bitch about the British and spend an inordinate amount of time crying about all the ways in which the British Raj ruined India, are the very same people who fight tooth and nail for Section 377 to remain in the Constitution. The irony would be laughable, if it weren’t so disturbing.


Here’s hoping for a world that condemns hatred rather than love. A world where two consenting adults can be together, regardless of religion, caste, and gender. Here’s hoping for a better, more tolerant world; a world that loves and lets love!


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