8 Thoughts For Reasonable Indians On The Reservation System

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12:00 pm 1 May, 2015


1. The ‘Gen Category’ people who still believe in the caste system should SHUT UP about merit.

They are just making it worse.

Yes, the system should ‘respect merit.’ But people, have you completely abandoned the caste system?


2. The ‘SC/ST Category’ people who are otherwise wealthy but want their offspring to benefit from the reservation system should know they are increasing lifespan of the caste system.


Who is eating into all those jobs and college seats that are actually meant for the needy?

The last generation that reaped benefits of the reservation system represents the ‘new rich’ within the communities classified as SC/ST/OBC.


3. The ‘Gen Category’ people have NO right to judge students who don’t have to score as much to get into the best institutions in India.

This, for example, is not their fault.


Gen Category


It’s the collective fault of our forefathers and our not so recent democratic rulers. You can judge the system but not the beneficiaries.

4. Reservation is ‘help’ offered by the system and not a fundamental right.



Blackmailing governments for ST/SC status instead of joining hands for, may be, a more justified quota system based on socio-economic conditions on a person to person basis? Not cool. It’s lame.

5. Article 16(4) of the constitution of India states that reservation may be made for ‘any backward class of citizens’.

It was ‘class’ not ‘caste’ or ‘religion.’


6. Successive reservation benefits – that’s pure nonsense.

Once a poor, deserving student gets a college seat, and then a government job – there is no sane explanation for offering preferential promotions. Why can merit not be allowed to prevail once a level playing field has been created?



A never ending ‘reservation’ cycle is largely responsible for the poor performance of most Public Sector Undertakings.

7. Quota System is no excuse for someone not ‘making it’.


making it


8. Some of our fellow citizens do need that ‘extra’ support.



BUT, the current reservation system in India largely fails to serve this social cause.

8. After all, the 1st Prime Minister had said:

“Help should be given on economic considerations and not on caste. It is true that we are tied up with certain rules and conventions about helping Scheduled castes and tribes. They deserve help, but even so, I dislike any kind of Reservation, particularly in service. I react strongly against anything, which leads to inefficiency and second rate standards. I want my country to be first class country in everything. The moment we encourage the second rate, we are lost.”



For most politicians, it’s about securing a vote bank no matter what. For some in Gen Category, it is one of the excuses for not having succeeded in life or for not working hard in government jobs. For some in SC/ST/OBC category, it’s just a question of opportunity and the reason to get into the habit of never try working harder. There are some positives too but overall, the great Indian reservation system looks like it’s all messed up.


What are your thoughts on this? Do drop your comments below.

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