The Tiny Fishing Community On Migingo Island

3:00 pm 16 Mar, 2014

This tiny rock island name ‘Migingo’ almost half the size of a football field where fishes are hooked by line and trawled by net. This beautiful island is located in Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and the largest tropical lake in the world. According to Amusing Planet, most of island’s inhabitants are fishermen and fish traders. The first to arrive here were two Kenyan fishermen, Dalmas Tembo and George Kibebe, who claimed to have settled there in 1991. At that time, the island was covered with weeds and infested with birds and snakes. They were later joined by 60 members of their fishing group who followed after receiving information that the area was rich with Nile Perch. Subsequently, other fishermen from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania came to the island turning it into a thriving commercial center.


1. Frenzied Activities Of 100 Boats Every Morning

island is a beehive of activities

Photo by Jesco Denzel

2. The Ownership Dispute

ownership dispute

3. Much Larger Island Called Usingo just 200 Meters To The East Of Migingo Island


Photo by Andrew Mcleish

4. Fishermen And Fish Traders


Photo by Jesco Denzel

5. Can Make Any Fish Cry

can make fish cry

Photo by Jesco Denzel

6. Fishermen Marching Their Way

fishermen marching

Photo by Jesco Denzel

7. Peaceful Life

peaceful life

Photo by Andrew Mcleish

8. Accomplishing Goals

Accomplishing goals

Photo by Andrew Mcleish

9. Playing Pool

playing pool

Photo by Andrew Mcleish

Credit: Amusing Planet

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