14 Struggles Only An Actor Goes Through

7:00 pm 1 Jun, 2015


Let’s admit it, almost all of us at some point wanted to become actors as we are always fascinated by them when we see them in movies. Name, fame and money is what we attribute to actors in general, but we often don’t realize the struggles they go through. The stardom and the luxurious life come with a heavy price tag and monumental pressures. Here are 14 struggles only an actor will go through.

1. Personal life = public life.

They do not have a personal life as it is exposed to the public by the media. They can’t help but tolerate it.


2. Paparazzi everywhere!


They just can’t escape the prying eyes of the media, and have some free time for themselves. The public is hungry for spicy news and actors make for the spiciest stuff. Be it airports, restaurants or any holiday location, paparazzi are everywhere!


3. Have to look good at all times.

No matter where they go or how casual is the meeting, they are always expected to be well-dressed with all the make up and designer clothes decked up.


4. Ma’am, autograph please!!!

Although actors love their fans, but just imagine giving autographs and clicking pictures 24×7! There are times when they get fed up of their own signature.


5. They have rumours and controversies more regularly than food.

Since they are always in the eyes of the media, whatever they do becomes news. As a result, there are innumerable rumours and controversies surrounding an actor’s life.


6. No movie, no money.

There is no guarantee of an actor’s income. If they don’t get any movie, they simply can’t earn unlike other professions. It sure is a risky job where you are dependent to a great extent on the audience.


7. Can we make a silent movie?

Actors have to mug up those page long dialogues and deliver it with perfection, which is not that simple a task to do, especially when you can’t control your laughter.


8. The hidden casting couch.

There are weird situations, like that of casting couch, an actor has to go through.


9. They have to work 24×7.

This job demands the actor to be available even at midnight or at 3 in the morning if the scene requires to be shot at that time. They don’t have an option.


10. They don’t always get the roles they want.

They might end up getting some other role that you have to play, but they have to do full justice to the character and give in their best even if they feel like giving their worst.


11. Stardom comes at a costly price. They miss several other things in life.

Many actors have ended up in miserable shapes in their personal lives because of this.


12. Sometimes they have to do films where their role is meaty but the plot is not.

They might not be very happy about it, but they can’t say ‘No’.


13. They are always surrounded with people and never get a chance to stay aloof.

It’s like a trap they can’t come out of.


14. There is a certain way in which they have to behave.

It’s not like you can speak their minds and continue with their lives in a normal way.


So if you want to be an actor, it is better you know what you are getting into.