Need A Blood Donor On Short Notice? Contact ‘The Saviours’: The Heroes Who Save Lives

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4:34 pm 6 Apr, 2016


When you help others, the universe conspires to help you!

It all started when Kunal’s maternal grandfather met with an accident and was admitted to a hospital. He was in dire need of blood but in spite of being in a well-known hospital, there was a shortage of common type blood. Later, their relatives had to come forward to his grandfather.

Kunal was shocked to encounter such scarcity of blood in our country. He shared:

“I was shocked to learn that in a country with over 65 crore eligible donors, we are not able to meet the yearly demand of one crore blood units. We are falling short by 30 lakh units!”


According to a report published by TOI in 2014, there is a scarcity of blood in India. Our country is facing a shortage of blood of 3 million units.



Kunal Saraff, who was a graduate in management, felt indignation. He wanted to do something so that others don’t face the problem he faced.

His determination set the foundation of ‘The Saviours‘ in August 2014. The organization works to arrange blood donors in case of emergencies. Everything started from a Facebook page and a tie up with a hospital. Initially, there were just 10 donors whom he connected with the people who were in need. But soon the count reached 500+.



You just need to post a request on their Facebook page or on the provided phone number. Their request team finds the right donors near your place and gets you in contact with them.



Setting up blood donation camps in campus areas is one way they attract donors. They aim to make a “savior” team in each college. Till now they have organized five such camps in the last four months. In their recent camp at Technia Institute of Advanced Studies in Delhi, around 77 people registered and donated.

In about four cities, Kunal has managed to inspire almost 200 student leaders. Though the process is going slow but definitely their efforts are paying off.



More than 15,000 people have registered themselves as emergency blood donors!

Kunal looks forward to flourish his organization and aims for its smooth working. He said:

“We plan to have the largest and the fastest emergency donor database in India and convert it into an automated web portal, where anyone who needs blood could simply find it by typing the location and blood group.”

Such a huge step towards helping society shows Kunal’s commitment towards humanity. He felt for others and that gave ‘The Saviours’ a kick-start. Our good wishes are with his generous thought. We need more Kunals to make this society a better place to live.

Watch the video to know ‘The Saviours’ more:


Source: Youth Ki Awaaz