The Reason Why This Woman Was Not Allowed To Take Part In Pune Dandiya Night Is Bizarre

4:52 pm 18 Oct, 2018


We just celebrated Durga Puja. The nine days of the auspicious Navratri is the occasion to celebrate the power of a woman. Despite this, it seems like hypocrisy has deep roots in the Indian society. Women are always questioned about their sexuality and dignity. Something similar happened at a Pune dandiya event.

The double standards of the Indian Society regarding women were revealed once again as she was not allowed to take part because she did not take a virginity test before her marriage! The age-old tradition was forced on her. As a woman, I am ashamed to a level I can’t even describe. In 2018 women are treated like this?




A Pune-based woman Aishwarya Vivek Tamaichikar, a member of the Kanjarbat community, was allegedly boycotted from participating in the annual dandiya celebrations on October 15, 2018.




Though the couple married in presence of police officials in May this year, they faced a social boycott by the community members.



The test is about showing evidence of the virginity of the woman after the first night through white sheets! What century are we living in?



Speaking to a newspaper, the woman said:

“Initially, everything was normal and I was dancing for 20 minutes, but then the organizers turned the music off. My mother then came to me and asked me to come home, saying that the organizers were angry with my presence.”





The woman has filed a complaint in Pimpri police with the help of Maharashtra Andhashraddha Nirmoolan Samiti (MANS) against the bizarre decision of boycotting her in a social event. The police have registered a case under the Social Boycott (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2016.





Women are subjected to suppression this way as if virginity is the only way to prove a woman pure! But what about men? Where is the equality?

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