Do You Know The Real Use For These 7 Everyday Things?

9:00 am 1 Aug, 2017


In the twenty-first century, there appear to be a lot of items and amenities that make our lives easier, faster and swifter. However, sometimes, we tend to use certain objects without understanding their true usage, or sometimes we even pinpoint the futility of a part of an object just because we aren’t aware of their use. In this article, we shall take this opportunity to bring to the forefront certain extremely important objects and the reason of their presence. So, here you go:

1.  The hole in the caps of pens.

While many of us think that these caps were kept to maintain the pressure balance of the ink, in reality these holes were kept for emergency purposes. Chewing the caps is quite common among kids (and adults). So, if someone accidentally swallows it and chokes on it, this hole helps lower the chances of suffocation by letting the air through. In other words, this little hole has imparted lives to numerous people from across the globe!



2. The little pocket in your jeans.

When jeans were first tailored, the western cowboys and the 19th century gold miners (who would wear jeans the most) used this pocket to keep their pocket watches. Whoa! Who knew that?


3. The black hole between the flash and the mobile camera.

This tiny black hole is a microphone that is used to the ambient noise and not our own voice (thus placed farther away from our mouth). This further works to digitally subtract the ambient noise captured by the main microphone to present the listener with crystal clear voice.


4. The blue side of an eraser.

While most of us thought that the blue portion was to eradicate ink marks (and thus ruined so many of our books), in reality the blue portion works to erase pencil marks from hard surfaces such as the wall or the table. The red portion works on softer surfaces like the paper.


5. Tabs on the aluminium foils.

Instructions say that you just have to press these tab in to keep the foil from rolling out and creating a mess. So, next time you unroll a wrap, remember this easy tip!


6. The presence of holes in Apple earphones.

The tiny holes allow the passage of small amounts of air through the field between the earphone and the ear. This in turn allows the speaker’s diaphragm to move back and forth, thus transmitting better sound. This is also one of the major reasons sound does not come across as strange and muffled when speaking to others over earphones.


7. The headrests in cars.

Headrests can save your life. If you detach a headrest, you can actually leverage the metallic part against the window to break it. So, if your car has accidentally submerged in water and you can’t open your door windows, remember this tip. And, no, you don’t have to be Mike Tyson to be able to do it!