The Ratio Of Men’s Index Fingers To Their Ring Fingers Reveals 5 Things About Them

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6:42 pm 10 Apr, 2015


According to livescience, a short index finger and long ring finger indicate the following traits in men:

1. They’re usually nicer to women

Scientists say that this could be because of testosterone exposure in the womb, which increases the size of the ring finger. A study found that men with such fingers were more agreeable toward women and less quarrelsome with them.

2. They have longer penises

This is also due to testosterone exposure in the womb. In a study, volunteers were put under anesthesia and then their fingers and penises were measured. The shorter an index finger was, the lengthier was the penis.

3. They’re more good-looking

In a study published in ‘Proceedings of the Royal Society B’, men with shorter index fingers were more handsome. This is because the amount of testosterone a fetus is exposed to affects how the face develops and how attractive it is.

4. They score higher in Maths

This applied to both men and women with shorter index fingers. A study of students appearing for their SAT exams revealed that such students scored higher in Maths and Oral tests. For the girls, they scored higher in the Oral exams than in Maths.

5. They’re more likely to get prostate cancer


In a 2010 study published in the ‘British Journal of Cancer’, 3,000 healthy men were examined over a period of 15 years. Men whose index fingers were the same length or longer than their ring fingers were 33% less likely to get prostate cancer.