A Kashmiri Youth Opens His Own Cafe After Barista Denied Him Franchise. It Is Setting Srinagar Abuzz.

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6:00 pm 4 May, 2015


Where there is a will, there is a way! This has been proved by a 26-year-old Mir Muneeb from Kashmir, who has turned his cafe into talk of the town.

As reported by I am in Dna of Srinagar, Mir was just 23 when he conceived this idea of starting his own cafe. Initially he planned on getting a franchise of Barista Lavazza, but when they turned down his offer, he opened his own multi-cuisine fast food café and lounge, The Other Side Cafe.

It is themed around a maple leaf and flanked on its walls are Kashmir’s scenic photographs that are clicked by Mir himself. It also has mini library for book lovers.


After booking a space of 1050 square feet in Srinagar’s Sara Mall, Mir worked on every minute detail day and night for about a year. He said:


“The construction phase was the toughest period of my life as it took us more than four months to build the café…I even remember where all have they hit the nails on walls.”


Completing a year this April, the visitor books have 99 per cent positive reviews for food, place, service and hygiene. Besides having a benchmark for his cafe in hospitality industry, Mir feels employing nine fellow Kashmiris in the cafe is one of his greatest achievements.

“It means a lot to me. I might not be earning a lot but I am following my dream.”

Coming from a family of doctors and being an introvert, Mir has become a successful ‘chai wala’ now. And like most of the successful men dedicate their success to some women in their life, Mir dedicates it to his mother.

“She has supported me unconditionally throughout the two years. With me, she has nurtured this idea till it became a reality.”


A pleasing reality of Kashmir, indeed.



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