The Nun Trailer Is Absolutely Terrifying And Twitterati Agrees Too

4:36 pm 14 Jun, 2018


It won’t be wrong to say that Hollywood’s horror genre is going through a rebirth. With the use of exciting effects and creepy storylines, the movies are keeping the audience glued at the edge of their seats. The most notable is The Conjuring franchise and their next presentation is The Nun. However, before talking about the new film, let’s take you through The Conjuring world.

This film franchise also took the Annabelle series under its wing. Till now the franchise has released four films in a mixture of sequels and prequels. There are other films in the production which will eventually be released. Here’s the video of the first films of The Conjuring franchise:




The films in the series are actually dramatized version of real-life cases. The paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren serve as the inspiration. They were associated with many controversial and prominent cases of haunting.



The movies of this franchise have presented the viewers with bloodcurdling scenes. The trailer of The Nun upholds that tradition perfectly.



Naturally, the details about the movie are still sparse but the trailer is certainly spine-chilling. It shows a nun plagued with visions of another ghastly sister since childhood.



When it comes to the church’s knowledge she is sent to investigate the death of a young nun in Romania along with a priest. The duo finally unveils the order’s unholy secret risking their lives, faith, and souls.



This movie will depict the events that took place well before the two Conjuring movies and the Annabelle films. Here’s the trailer. Don’t blame us if you get scared:



With the release of the video The Nun, Twitterati came up with comments on it being scary as hell. With the punch line ‘pray for forgiveness,’ this video quickly captured the attention of the netizens. Here’s how they reacted:












The trailer certainly establishes the fact that it’s an engaging horror story. To tell the truth, we are both excited and scared while waiting for The Nun to release on September 7, 2018.

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