YouTube Forced To Take Down ‘The Nun’ Jump Scare Ad After Twitterati Complained About Being Sh*t Scared

5:47 pm 15 Aug, 2018


‘The Nun’ is an upcoming horror American gothic movie which is a spin-off of the 2016 movie ‘The Conjuring 2’. Corin Hardy is the director for this supernatural horror flick while Gary Dauberman has done its screenplay. The movie is the sixth installment of ‘The Conjuring’ series by the Warner Brothers. The studio recently launched a jump scare ad to promote the movie. However, it seems like the ad has landed in major trouble.

Soon after the ad was uploaded, Youtube users across the globe started complaining about its content. Finally, the volume of the discussion led YouTube to actually pull the advertisement off.


The Nun poster

‘The Nun’ poster. Source


It all began when a YouTube user tweeted a warning to all viewers about the jump scare ad for ‘The Nun’ doing the rounds. Check out the tweet in question:



Soon the initial tweet garnered thousands of retweets from people across the globe. And, many others responded by voicing their own concerns over ‘The Nun’ advertisement. This is what some of the comments on the jump scare ad for ‘The Nun’ went like:


Even muted, it drove some to tears



They’ll soon come up with bombing ads that’ll cause laptops to explode



Whoever thought of the idea of putting jump scare ads on Youtube should be blacklisted




No one wants to watch a horror video in the middle of a makeup tutorial. So please stop pushing this ad on viewers





With the kind of aggravated discussion that happened about this ad, YouTube had to step in. YouTube took note of the initial tweet by the viewer and said that the ad was being pulled off. Here is YouTube’s response tweet:



While YouTube has turned the ad off, it is available on some channels. Check out the ad below:



So, did you watch the advertisement? Do you think it is fair for horror or other ads to be forced upon viewers without giving them the choice to opt out of it?