The New ₹200 Note Is Out And Has Already Become A Part Of Hilarious Memes Because Of Its Color

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10:30 am 25 Aug, 2017


Ladies and gentlemen, hold your breath because we have a new currency note in town. No, it hasn’t started rolling in the market yet. But, the Reserve Bank Of India has made an official announcement with some of its cool pictures.

The ₹200 note is going to hit the market. Wondering how it’s going to look? The image of the blue ₹200 note that was going viral on the internet a few days back is fake.


Here’s how the new ₹200 Note looks,


This is the tweet officially announcing about the new ₹200 note.

The note might not have entered the market yet. But, the creative minds on Twitter have already made it a part of hilarious memes. People are making the funniest color comparisons and here is a compilation of the best reactions for you.